About Us
  • Research Interests

        Our main research interests are in the field of protein bioinformatics. We are using the laws of physico-chemistry as well as statistical methods to do the analyses and predictions of protein structures, protein functions, protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions. Meanwhile, we are also employing the integrated bioinformatics methods and state-of-the-art molecular modeling techniques to support diverse projects related to AgroBiotechnology. Our directions are as follows:

    Protein Bioinformatics

    Structural Bioinformatics

    Computational Systems Biology

  • Contact Way

       E-mail:		shi_ping_yang@163.com
    Telephone: 		+86-(0)10-62734412
      Address: 		Room 2066 of the Center 
      			of Life Science Building,
    			China Agricultural University,
    			No.2 YuanMingYuan West Rd., 
    			Haidian District, 
    			Beijing, China
     Postcode: 		100193